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Out flew a barrage of bigotry about how blacks today might be better off still locked in chains and picking cotton.If there’s a worthy case against public lands, it ought to be made without a whiff of racism.

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Twenty-four days into the Malheur standoff, militant La Voy Finicum, 54, ran a roadblock in his white pickup and was shot by Oregon State Police.hen the neo-Nazi and his acolyte came to my high school, I dimly thought racism was just a history or geography lesson.I was born and raised in Missoula, Montana, a friendly college town cut through by great trout rivers and surrounded by mountainous national forests protected more than a century ago by President Theodore Roosevelt.We also heard that the swastika had been unfairly maligned because to some people it signifies a blessing.What surprised me most though, was the bile that welled up in my guts at our sex ed lesson.